America's Classic Ballparks

Production year: 2009

Sports    Running time: 1:20

IMDB rating:   5.6     Aspect: 4:3;  Languages: English;  Subtitles: None;  Audio: DD Stereo

This home run hit recalls an earlier America that fell in love with baseball and an era when owners built bigger arenas to house our fast-growing national pastime. By 1923, fifteen iconic steel and concrete parks had been built, yet no two were alike: Each had its own unique character, and fans were close to the action. Narrated by Golden Globe-nominated actor Jeff Daniels, this documentary traces the history of four classic American ballparks using both archival footage and modern film: Wrigley Field (1914), Comiskey Park (1910), Tiger Stadium (1912), and Fenway Park (1912). All four parks are forever preserved in this DVD treasure. Included are rare major league film segments, classic photos, and insightful comments by Hall of Fame players and announcers who share their innermost feelings about the parks, the game, and the fans.



Special features

Exclsuive Interviews
Tiger Stadium Featurette
Fenway Park Featurette
Wrigley Field Featurette
Comiskey Park Featurette
Interview With Director Bob Hercules
America's Classic Ballparks