Poetry Collection

Her Memories

She held her whisper
This, behind gentle play.
Ask, she cried,
Leave my memories in hand.

- Daniel McAvinchey

Rainbow of Light

As if this whisper cloud
Through silent time
Never cried like summer.
You, my gentle rose,
Are my rainbow of light.

- Daniel McAvinchey

The Red Garden

Red garden is wonder
As once love went.
Where there was light
The water would laugh.

- Daniel McAvinchey


When broken sadly
Will she never believe
In her white cloud on dark mountain.
Where my light, like her memory
Can release time.

- Daniel McAvinchey

Cool Love Sky

Leave, we said
Come sail my rainbow castle.
They, but from light
Saw cool love sky
As if blue wonder.
You are... home.

- Daniel McAvinchey

As Rain

Release her heart
Pretend friend
As light rain, under which
Warm skin would hide.

- Daniel McAvinchey

The Heart Knows

Our rose
Whose joy would grace us
Often heard whispers
Through which, rain cried.

Remembering silent memory
She begs,
Hold this hand
For the heart knows.

- Daniel McAvinchey

Sky of Silence

As whispers, they that think
Pretend, as another cried rain.
Slowly, like silent sky
They perfect this gentle love
With time.

- Daniel McAvinchey

New Song

We hear the Muse,
That's how it starts.
At times, it's only one note,
Just a solo voice,
Or a drone.
And like the wind through the boughs
Of a tall pine
It's soft, airy, and calm.

Yet this smooth tone
Soon yields to a brash chord,
Full of life.
Or flows into slow, lush scales
Which are aft to form in our minds
The seeds of a fresh theme.
When themes are born,
They must grow,
Be it through grace, hard work,
Even pain.

Alas, the Muse does not last,
And to the gifts of great song are rare.
Just as we still chase our life's dreams,
We will wait for the voice of the Muse
To bring us that spark,
That bright flame,
Which may weave the thread
Of new song.

- Daniel McAvinchey