Deep River 4042 Chocolate Stout (16 oz)

Deep River 4042 Chocolate Stout
From the "Can"
  • Johnston County's First Legal Brewery
  • 4042 Chocolate Stout is a tip of the hat to the old days in Johnston County. This once dry county is home to the intersection of I-40 and NC 42 which is considered the "crossroads" of Johnston County. Thanks to the repeal of Prohibition we are able to transport our beer all over the old North State. Vanilla beans, milk sugar (lactose), and cocoa nibs from our friends at Videri Chocolate come together to make this stout a one of a kind. Raise your can in honor of your beerdom (beer freedom) to drink this beer in any season. #DrinkUnseasonably
  • Brewers Association: Certified Independent Craft
  • Save An Aluminum Tree - Recycle This Can
  • Deep River Brewing Company, Clayton, North Carolina;

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Brewer's Exegesis

4042 is named after the intersection of NC42 & Interstate 40 which is known as the artery of Johnston County. Its is a milk stout brewed with cocoa nibs from Videri Chocolate in downtown Raleigh and infused with fresh vanilla bean to give it a smooth finish.