Carolina Brewery Sky Blue Kolsch Alt A (12 oz)

Carolina Brewery Sky Blue Kolsch Alt A
From the "Can"
  • First In Flavor
  • Drink Fresh, Drink Local - Chapel Hill, Pittsboro
  • Hops: Hallertau
  • A Kolsch-Style Ale made famous in the city of Cologne, Germany. Light-bodied, crisp & refreshing.
  • 2012 Bronze Medal Winner The Great American Beer Festival
  • Carolina Brewery, Pittsboro, NC; Est. 1995

develop a rapport with the style of beer that nearly made Cologne, Germany famous and forget about your ungrateful brood of ne'er-do-wells, layabouts, wannabes and never-wills, and do it with a pretty pink can

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Brewer's Exegesis

For those desiring a lighter beer that still has hand-crafted integrity, this beer is a Kolsch style ale made famous in its namesake city of Cologne (Koln in German). This thirst-quenching brew is spritzy, not too malty, with the pleasing aroma of imported Hallertauer hops. While fermented warm like all ales, Kolsch beer undergoes a cold aging period like a lager which results in a brew that is complex yet easy to drink.