Bull Durham Beer Wheat Style Ale (16 oz)

Bull Durham Beer Wheat Style Ale
From the "Can"
  • Classic Beer Drafted From The Finest Ingredients
  • Session - Stats - Flavor Notes: Malty, Dry - Serve: Ice Cold - 01 Pint
  • Amber In Color, Our “Leichte Weisse” Is A Subtle German Style Wheat Beer Made For Sweltering Doubleheaders During The Dog Days Of Summer.
  • No. 02
  • Jim's Best
  • Be A Good Sport - Please Recycle
  • Rocky Mount Mills
  • Brewers Association: Certified Independent Craft
  • Bull Durham Beer Co., Durham, NC & Rocky Mount, NC

amber haze all in my brain; leichte weisse just don't seem the same; tasting fruity but I don't know why, excuse me while I kiss the sky

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Brewer's Exegesis

Our “leichte weisse” is a light, refreshing, and subtle German-style wheat beer. Influenced by our head brewmaster’s time in Germany, our wheat beer is a symbol of our global experience and local loyalty. The Wheat is hazy amber in color with a slightly fruity finish. We’re sure you’ll agree we hit this one out of the park.