AMB Long Leaf India Pale Ale (12 oz)

AMB Long Leaf India Pale Ale
From the "Can"
  • We Can So You Can Foundation
  • Proceeds From Every Purchase Support The Revitalization Of Our Communities, Mountains And Rivers.
  • Taking its name from the toast of the Old North State, this amber IPA cheers with a white head, citrus aroma, and an intense, resins hop flavor that will linger on your palate.
  • NC State Toast
  • Here's to the land of the long leaf pine - The summer land where the sun doth shine - Where the weak grow strong, and the strong grow great - Here's to the "Down Home," the Old North State!
  • Community - Sustainability - Philanthropy
  • Keep Earth Beautiful - Recycle
  • Appalachian Mountain Brewery, Boone, NC and Portsmouth, NH;

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Brewer's Exegesis

Born and raised in the Old North State, this beer is a collaboration between the floral English and the citrusy American style IPA. Underneath a white frothy head, these plentiful hop flavors balance on the see-saw of a medium-bodied malty backbone. It all comes together and leaves you with a subdued lingering bitterness, so raise a toast to North Carolina, the land of the Long Leaf Pine!