Paul Gilbert "Hollywood Guitar Maniac"

Production year: 2007

   Running time: 2:14

Paul GIlbert's Hollywood Guitar Maniac, subtitled the "Get Out Of My Yard Guitar Instructional DVD" is an amazing 2-disc video containing over 2 hours of personal guitar instruction and performance from the world's most insane shred guitarist, Paul Gilbert - the original Hollywood Guitar maniac. Gilbert adds, "We'll go over the songs from my instrumental album "Get Out Of My Yard". I'm going to try to find the most interesting parts, the coolest riffs, the most rock 'n' roll ingredients that I used to make this record, and break them down and show them to you, so you can insert them into your own playing, and make your own rock and roll guitar music. Get ready to rock out and get out of my yard!" Warning: Your guitar playing may never be the same again!

Special features

Japanese Subtitles
Live Concert Footage from the Musician's Institute
Live Bonus Concert (Disc 2) At The Hard Rock Cafe In Toyko
Live Racer X Guitar Solo From Nagoya, Japan


Paul Gilbert "Hollywood Guitar Maniac"