John Entwistle "Bass Guitar Master Class"

Production year: 2006

   Running time: 1:00

The Who`s legendary John Entwistle gives a personal bass lesson that covers fingering, licks, octave style, chords, hammer-ons, pull-offs, picking techniques, harmonics, soloing concepts, walking bass lines, string-bending, and phrasing - all in the famous Entwistle style. Here is a unique chance to learn from the man who wrote the book when it comes to rock `n` roll electric bass. Bass Guitar Master Class features a new introduction by Jeff Golub. Jeff Golub began his career as guitarist for rocker Billy Squier. He has recorded numerous solo CDs and is a highly-valued session player and sideman, having worked with such artists as Peter Wolf, John Waite, Tina Turner, Vanessa Williams, and Rod Stewart.

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French, Spanish, German, Italian Subtitles
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John Entwistle "Bass Guitar Master Class"