David Valdes "Iniciacion A La Guitarra Solista"

Production year: 2007

   Running time: 0:55

An instructional DVD in Spanish, with available English subtitles, "Iniciacion A La Guitarra Solista" features the incredible neo-classical and shred guitarist David Valdes focusing on helping guitarists who only have 30 to 120 minutes a day to improve their technique. Valdes concentrates on ways to keep up speed and precision while soloing, while gearing the lessons towards guitarists who have learned to play by ear. Valdes has chosen 40 of his best exercises, a routine that can be played daily, that includes picking, legatos, sweep picking techniques, basic scales, whammy bar exercises, slides, vibrato and even a hand warm-up exercise to help avoid injuries.

Special features

Spanish Audio
English Subtitles


David Valdes "Iniciacion A La Guitarra Solista"