Live Insanity


Tony MacAlpine

Year released



Live Insanity was recorded at the Roxy Theater in Hollywood, California in 1997, and this concert CD is a showcase for Tony McAlpine`s abilities on both guitar and keyboards. Nine all-instrumental tracks featuring Mike Terrana on drums and Ricky Riccardo on bass. If you enjoy huge, entended guitar solos, good melodies and a rock-solid rhythm section - as well as different elements of metal, shred, rock, jazz and neo-classical - Live Insanity will be right up your alley. The crowd noise is kept to an absolute minimum, so almost the entire focus is on the musicianship and interplay - and the incredible guitar! Not a hi-fi recording by any means, just a great example of what Macalpine can do in front of an audience.


Track listing: 9 tracks
Track Song Time
1 The Vision 5:03
2 The Sage 4:46
3 Sacred Wonder 4:20
4 Box Office Poison/Piano Solo 11:11
5 Rusalka 7:11
6 Carolina Blue 4:48
7 Stream Dream 4:41
8 King's Cup 4:25
9 The Taker 3:33
Tony MacAlpine - Live Insanity