Vol. 10


Lucas Yaksic

Year released



Chilean guitarist Lucas Yaksic released his solo instrumental heavy metal CD, entitled Vol. 10, in 2006, and the album features his trademark devastating riffs and solos,, showing great technical skill, creativity, and intelligence. Guitarists such as Paul Gilbert, Andy Timmons and Michael Angelo Batio team up with Yaksic for clinics and shows when in Chile, giving the metal guitarist even more exposure to the rabid guitar community. Acts such as Metallica, Iron Maiden and Motley Crue have influenced his style, which adds a shred component to ferocious metal rhythms tempered with psychedelic rock ideas, and even more eclectic tone passages. Fans of guitarists such as Alejandro Silva or Pascal Allaigre should warm up quickly to the music of Lucas Yaksic and his band.


Track listing: 9 tracks
Track Song Time
1 F1 3:46
2 Capibara 5:22
3 Ahora O Nunca 3:35
4 Rocker 3:04
5 La Secta 4:14
6 InvasiÌÄ_n 4:09
7 El Boogie 4:39
8 Agorafobia 8:31
9 Blue Caps 2:53
Lucas Yaksic "Vol. 10"