Hanging Gardens


Marco Ferrigno

Year released



Three years have passed since Marco Ferrigno's acclaimed "Promised Land" project with Vitalij Kuprij (Artension / Ring Of Fire). Since then Marco has been working on his masterpiece which is now ready - Hanging Gardens. The new album showcases the talents of Tony Franklin on bass and Marco Minnemann on drums, with guest appearances on track 2 by one of Marco's main influences - George Bellas - and Marco's "Promised Land" collaborator Javier Leal on tracks 3 and 6. Marco comments, "I am very pleased for the upcoming release of this album. I had the freedom to use various types of odd tempos, poly-rhythmic lines and time modulations based on a 16th and 8th note pulse. Solos are based on a lot of the melodic minor modes like Mixolydian b6 and Lydian b7 along with the usual major scale modes but with less of the modal soloing and more chord modulations. Chords are basic triad inversions with changing base notes most of the time, but many are suspended and 7th chords and a few chords are based on quartal harmony for a more modern sound."


Track listing: 8 tracks
Track Song Time
1 Temple Of Time 4:55
2 Night In Babylon 6:49
3 Tower Of Babel 4:13
4 Sacred City 5:34
5 Mediterraneo 4:04
6 Secret Garden 6:09
7 Varanus Komodoensis 4:44
8 Closer To The Wind 5:51
Marco Ferrigno "Hanging Gardens"