Gates Of Doom


Fabrizio Chiruzzi

Year released



Italian guitarist Fabrizio Chiruzzi's debut album, Gates Of Doom, is an all instrumental blend of melody and shred. He has the ability to shred over nothing-less-than-six-minute rock ballads using every possible technique, playing as fast as he can, mixing his impressively powerful performance in New Age oriented tracks. His melodies range from rock to metal, including many influences (fusion, jazz, country, blues and flamenco). even stated, "This young guitarist paints beautiful landscapes with his music, utilizing his considerable mastery of guitar technique and compositional structure. His use of tonal variations is unique and very evident throughout all the tracks. Everything is here - from full on shred to soaring exotic textures. Highlights include the songs "Gates of Doom with it's majestic riff and very cool speed of light soloing and the chimey "Blue Tears".This is an absolute jem of a first release - Fabrizio is a guitarist, composer to watch out for.


Track listing: 5 tracks
Track Song Time
1 Nameless Love 6:40
2 Gates Of Doom 9:46
3 Blue Tears 8:20
4 Second To None 6:33
5 The Eternal Hush 11:30
Fabrizio Chiruzzi "Gates Of Doom"