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Uli Jon Roth talks about his latest masterpiece, Metamorphosis, "For many years it had been a dream of mine to one day record the whole of Antonio Vivaldi's "Four Seasons" on the guitar. One part of me wanted to do this simply because it was uncharted territory in terms of guitar playing and, for good reason, had never been attempted before, but most importantly, because of the very special fascination this music held for me from the first moment I ever heard it. There are plenty of good reasons why it is probably the most performed musicial piece of all time; after all, this is not just 'any' piece of classical music, but one of the great masterpieces of Western civilization, and an all-time favorite of music lovers all over the world - ever since the day it was first heard. Vivaldi is just as fresh and exciting in 2003 as it was nearly 300 years ago when it was written by the man himself in Italy." Metamorphosis is arguably Roth's finest work, and features some of the most violin-like guitar playing, godlike vibrato and tremendous gut-wrenching solo work you'll ever hear on CD. The first 14 tracks are from Vivaldi's "Four Seasons", while the final 10 tracks are Roth's composed pieces and Vivaldi variations. Also included is a state-of-the-art 32 page booklet. Highly recommeded.


Track listing: 31 tracks
Track Song Time
1 Rude Awakening 3:24
1 Prelude To The Seasons 1:44
2 Boomerang 2:53
2 Venga La Primavera 3:28
3 Invention #8 1:02
3 April Rain 2:24
4 Prayer For Louis 3:07
4 The Triumph Of Spring 3:59
5 Reflections 4:46
5 Tales Of The Summer Wind 4:59
6 Invention #13 1:26
6 Thunder In July 1:34
7 Twist Of Fate 4:48
7 The Tempest - Tuona E Fulmina 3:20
8 Cheiron And Selenos 4:41
9 Teardrops In October 2:02
10 Artemis 3:14
11 Ice, Wind & Fire 3:14
12 Sleighbells At Yasnaya 2:10
13 War Of The Winds 2:55
14 Thunder Cadenza 1:25
15 Cry Of The Night 2:28
16 Summer's Breath 0:42
17 Rodeo From Hell 0:57
18 Les Adieux 1:27
19 Springtime Euphoria 2:11
20 The Heart Of Chopin 2:18
21 Dance Of The Water Spirits 0:46
22 Transfiguration 1:19
23 Venga La Vita 2:08
24 Postlude: The Morning Of Forever 2:54
Uli Jon Roth "Metamorphosis"