Speed, Traffic & Guitar Accidents


Joop Wolters

Year released



Joop Wolters, the lead guitarist of Arabesque, Shadrane, and Lalu, returns with his second solo release. Speed, Traffic & Guitar Accidents is home to 17 instrumental tracks that see Joop delve deep into his emotions to produce a stylistically varied release. Wolters writes, "This was an opportunity to really let my heart speak, and just do as I feel. In my case, I have the good fortune to be in love with music and all that comes with it. It is my special roadmap, the one that gives me the chance to find my way in life and make something out of it." Music fans that appreciate strong focused guitar work will find Speed, Traffic & Guitar Accidents a true gem.


Track listing: 17 tracks
Track Songsort descending Time
3 A Day And This... 3:59
10 Acoustimas 2:28
16 Avenue Le Reinnescance 3:53
6 Beggin' For A Trip To The Stars 8:01
15 Canned Heart 3:53
7 Cruising For The Soul 2:51
4 Disturbance 3:48
11 Funkonexion 2:53
2 Hijacked 4:03
1 Interludealloveintersection 3:53
5 Loverslane 1:54
14 Meka Dance 3:46
8 Resolute 3:44
12 Some Time To Spare 0:43
17 Split Decision 3:46
13 The Crash 5:09
9 To The G And Back 3:09
Joop Wolters "Speed, Traffic/Guitar Accidents"