Venomous Fingers


George Bellas

Year released



Legendary American neo-classical guitarist George Bellas follows up his two solo Shrapnel Records albums "Mind Over Matter" and "Turn Of The Millennium" by releasing a fantastic solo album entitled Venomous Fingers. Bellas is well known for his work with Mogg/Way (UFO), Ring of Fire and many more, and the title of this 2003 release recalls Bellas' early practice sessions, which were long and hard to the point that his fingers began bleeding. He would put band-aids on them and continue practicing. His many influences include: J.S.Bach, L.V.Beethoven, Franz Liszt, Paganini, Debussey, Walter Piston, Ted Greene, Robin Trower, Montrose, Van Halen, Michael Schenker, Dream Theater, Magellan, Yngwie Malmsteen, Tony MacAlpine and Jason Becker. Blazing shred, wicked arpeggios and heavy neo-classicism mark the latest release from one of the fastest players around.


Track listing: 15 tracks
Track Song Time
1 Discovery 2:07
2 Journey To The Stars 11:12
3 Shedding Skin 3:59
4 Above And Beyond 7:01
5 Lightspeed 3:50
6 Unearthed 0:35
7 The Son 0:43
8 Adrenalin Rush 5:06
9 Symphonia I 0:36
10 Symphonia II 0:39
11 One Last Wish 6:06
12 Run For Cover 4:16
13 Forever 1:06
14 Timewarp 5:38
15 Mayhem 2:45
Venomous Fingers