Secrets Within


Francesco Fareri

Year released



Italian guitar blazer Francesco Fareri's second album on Lion Music is entitled Secrets Within. The new album contains two contrasting sides of Francesco's musical vision and is quite different from Francesco's previous release "Forbidden Dimension" in his playing, ideas and approach to music in general. Secrets Within is divided into two movements, one heavy and one acoustic to better show all of Francesco's ideas, feelings and the way he considers music. Francesco simply comments, "I believe this album to be the best material I've ever released and the one that best represents me. This album is really introspective and very important for me, it was inspired from the experience of the impossible things happened in the last years and from everyday stuff." The two movements are subtitled "Into The Dark Line" (heavy shred and progressive metal with themes, melodies and unison passages( and "Out Of The Dark Line" (acoustic guitar and piano/keyboards with more delicate melodies and some really introspective moments). The Enhanced CD also contains extra material with photos, transcriptions, videos, a diary of the making of Secrets Within and much more.


Track listing: 15 tracks
Track Song Time
1 Secrets Within 7:42
2 Circle 8:11
3 Lies 6:41
4 Sonic Garden 2:33
5 The Waves 6:42
6 Destiny 6:24
7 Liquid World 6:36
8 Present Glow 2:58
9 Scenes 8:47
10 Parallel Lives 2:50
11 Wood Of Silence 1:34
12 Masquerade 3:35
13 Undefined 4:05
14 Seasons 2:35
15 Secret World 1:13
Francesco Fareri "Secrets Within"