Despite Opposition


Rene Engel

Year released



Percussionist Nippy Noya (who plays on the album, so should know) says, "Rene Engel's Despite Opposition CD is food for the gods. Dynamic, explosive and overwhelming - last but not least, also for music-loving people." There are not many drummers releasing solo albums containing only their own compositions. And among those drummers, only a few manage to rise above the I-have-to-because-I'm-so-dammed-good-syndrome. With the release of Despite Opposition, Rene Engel is demonstrating that his compositions are indeed written for a team of musicians, have real depth, and occasionally do have some heavy rocking grooves. With tasteful contributions from percussionist Noya and exemplary guitarists Frank Burks and Leon Venderbosch, Engel made an album that's more rooted in the British, experimental jazz-rock fusion, than in the smooth American variant. The fans of Allan Holdsworth do have to check out this album.


Track listing: 13 tracks
Track Song Time
1 Pick Up (The Right Beat) 5:56
2 Room 22/7 5:40
3 Sikat, Nyong! 2:16
4 Jarlentji 5:30
5 Despite Opposition 6:23
6 Meeting-Point McDolly Part 1 3:47
7 Arabics 7:08
8 Dance Chance 4:48
9 Exodrome 3:20
10 Meeting-Point McDolly Part 2 4:16
11 Spring 5:35
12 Steampower 5:27
13 Free At Last 1:30
Rene Engel "Despite Opposition"