Mechanica Diablo


Michael Knight

Year released



Guitarist Michael Knight takes you on a musical excursion into the darkest depths of the abyss. Throughout history, artists, craftsmen, sculptures and storytellers have given you their version of Hell. On Mechanica Diablo you'll discover one man's journey into the Netherworld, portrayed in music. 13 musical pieces spawn from the mouth of hell... you may want to listen to this with the lights on! On guitar, Knight incorporates a multitude of styles, including flamenco, Hendrix-ian wah-chops, melodic firepower, scorching shred, and a vast array of sound-fx produced with the guitar. Mechanica Diablo contains two different types of compositions - the more guitar-rock song oriented style and the no-drum-beat, airy yet sinister, dark, new age compositions. Note: this CD is intended for mature audiences only. Parental discretion is advised.


Track listing: 13 tracks
Track Song Time
1 Netherworld 1:22
2 March Of Destruction 3:36
3 Neo-Demonica 4:32
4 Dark Victory 1:29
5 Mechanica Diablo 5:09
6 Necropolis 3:09
7 Suspended Life 2:20
8 Halls Of Terror 7:27
9 Regenerator 4:56
10 Pandemonium In The Mausoleum 5:35
11 Lord Of Death 2:58
12 Birth Of A God 5:33
13 At The Mouth Of Hell 1:55
Michael Knight "Mechanica Diablo"