Rate Of Change


Travis Larson Band

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When the Travis Larson Band first announced its arrival in 1998, it was clear to fans of instrumental guitar that this was the real deal. In a genre crowded with schoolboy shredders, TLB delivers the whole package. Virtuosity, great songs, world-class production... and soul. Now, three albums and a full-length performance DVD later, the Travis Larson Band is firmly rooted as one of instrumental music's most important, critically acclaimed acts, having worked on record with Steve Lukather (Toto), Victor Wooten (Bela Fleck), Vinx (Sting, Herbie Hancock) and Hugh Syme (Rush, Aerosmith). With Rate Of Change, the fourth studio release from the band, TLB has hit full stride. Even in light of the quality of the preceding award-winning records, this album stands above it all, and represents the band's full potential. Creatively, technically, and sonically, Rate Of Change is the album that is causing instrumental guitar fans to once again demand great MUSIC from their heroes.


Track listing: 12 tracks
Track Song Time
1 Sticks And Stones 4:54
2 Up In Arms 3:55
3 Winter Still 4:09
4 Other Place 4:14
5 Dear God 4:23
6 The Saros 3:55
7 Thin Air 3:44
8 Sums 3:53
9 Hell's Half Acre 3:40
10 Good And The Bad 2:53
11 Plain Ugly 3:46
12 Room To Breathe 4:29
Travis Larson Band "Rate Of Change"