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Rusty Cooley

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Texas area axemeister Rusty Cooley's self-titled debut release, featuring ten absolutely ripping, metallic instrumentals and two bonus vocal versions of "Dominion" and "The Butcher", amply demonstrates his love of highly technical, lightning fast guitar work, as he puts his Ibanez Universe 7-string guitar together with a Rocktron Intelifex and a Fender amp to generate an ultra-heavy sound shock. Tracks such as "Dominion", features a harmonized hook, tight, metallic rhythmic work, and unpredictable single-note guitar fills, while the high-tech instrumental, "EBE", blazes with swept arpeggios, harmonized lines, and bee-in-a-bottle solo runs. Cooley's debut CD will make shred fans stand up and take notice, while proving he's mastered the modern guitar hero idiom.


Track listing: 12 tracks
Track Song Time
1 Under The Influence 6:49
2 The Butcher 4:49
3 Dark Matter 7:49
4 Dominion 4:06
5 E.B.E. 3:54
6 Hillbilly Militia 4:07
7 Jazzmine's Song 5:42
8 War Of The Angels 6:57
9 The Duel 3:52
10 Piece Of Mind 4:36
11 Dominion (Vocal Version) 4:06
12 The Machine 5:06
Rusty Cooley