Total Freedom


Mike Campese

Year released



Mike Campese's Total Freedom CD features a number of his solo pieces put together to create a story and to express his versatility as a guitarist and writer. The album establishes many moods, with some pieces recorded with only one or two tracks. Campese handles all the instrumentation, while the music covers a significant dynamic range, from introspective ("Amberay", "Last Train Out", "Heaven") to high-tech guitarmanship ("Freedom", "Indian War"). With Total Freedom, Campese delivers another round of highly accomplished fretwork and stylistic variety.


Track listing: 12 tracks
Track Song Time
1 Amberay 2:26
2 Sea 0:53
3 Thunder And Rain 1:23
4 Sun 1:26
5 Heaven 3:53
6 Jungle 6:05
7 Last Train Out (Acoustic) 3:55
8 Blizzard 2:45
9 Indian War 1:03
10 Space 1:11
11 Freedom (Guitar Solo Opus 1) 7:36
12 Jewels 2:03
Mike Campese "Total Freedom"