Silkroad/Kinu-Michi - 2nd


Koji Tsumoto

Year released



Silkroad/Kinu-Michi - 2nd is actually Japanese guitarist Koji Tsumoto`s third all instrumental CD (following the path laid out by Silkroad/Kinu-Michi - 1st), and this one is billed as the next installment of "the ultimate modal instrumental progressive rock from Asia." Fiery guitar riffs and nimble solos emanate from the speakers as Tsumoto drives home his message, blending hard rock and progressive elements. Tsumoto`s guitar playing travels a lot of musical ground, almost paralleling the story (in Japanese, in the liner notes) of the Silk Road on which the album is based. Another fine effort by one of Japan`s up-and-coming axemen.


Track listing: 12 tracks
Track Song Timesort descending
11 Yearning Toward... 0:59
12 Zoroastrian Obstructs Zodiacal Lights 3:00
1 Orient 3:25
3 Quantum Leap 3:52
6 Tahrir In Caspian Sea 4:10
4 Road Of The Faith 4:17
7 Ulterior Thought 4:21
5 Silken Word 4:25
9 Widow's Peak 4:27
8 Veil Of Mashhad 4:35
10 Xeric Ground 4:53
2 Persian Sky Over Alborz 5:06
Koji Tsumoto - Silkroad/Kinu-Michi - 2nd