Two Hands, One Heart


Neil Zaza

Year released



Neil Zaza's first CD of instrumental music in 1992, Two Hands, One Heart harkens back to an earlier Neil where shred and ripping were king. Temper this with some great songwriting, a remake of "In The Mood" in "Miller's Atomic Mood Swing", and jaw-dropping technique such as in "Climb The Alps", and you have a CD that you must have in your collection. Zaza gets somewhat neo-classical on "...Like It's Going Out Of Style", Zeppelin-esqe on "Geronajoe" and downright Mexican on "Hat's Off To You", once again demonstrating his versatility and fretboard nimbleness.


Track listing: 11 tracks
Track Song Time
1 Climb The Alps 3:11
2 42 Bolt On Street 4:09
3 Funkin' Sheriff Full Of Led 4:45
4 Faith 5:27
5 Geronajoe 3:33
6 Hat's Off To You 5:07
7 ...Like It's Going Outta Style 3:53
8 Right Here 1:26
9 Woody's Revenge 4:22
10 Miller's Atomic Mood Swing 4:14
11 Tobaber 2:40
Neil Zaza "Two Hands, One Heart"