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Alex Martinho

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Riding a blazing comet of shredded, high tech hard rock, Brazilian guitarist Alex Martinho released his self-titled debut CD in 1994, now recently remastered for rerelease. Martinho pulls out all the stops on the all instrumental disc, using knowledge acquired at the Guitar Institute of Technolgy in Hollywood to create a work still sought out by savvy instrumental rock fans. Real drums ((Redrigo Martinho) and a throbbing bass (Fabio Lessa) rhythm section anchor the CD, giving Martinho room to blaze and splay legato lines all over tracks such as "Horizontes" and "Viagem". Pick this one up while you still have the chance.


Track listing: 11 tracks
Track Song Time
1 Meu Caminho 4:39
2 Horizontes 4:16
3 L.A. 5:02
4 Na Noite Escura 4:32
5 A Lenda (Intro) 0:23
6 A Lenda 4:43
7 Viagem 2:57
8 De Volta Pra Casa 4:15
9 Perto Dos Sonhos 3:39
10 A Outra Parte 4:38
11 A Lenda (Parte II) 0:43
Alex Martinho "Alex Martinho"