The Absolute


Borislav Mitic

Year released



Borislav Mitic returns with a majestic new album - The Absolute - and the virtuoso Shredmaster delivers his strongest musical statement to date. The idea behind this concept album was to take the instrumental guitar format and give it a new dimension infusing it with pure uncompromising metal attitude but with primary focus on song quality content. Playing-wise, Borislav takes the gloves off this time and brings into the musical arena a wide arsenal of dazzling guitar techniques. He unmercifully unleashes them throughout the album with blinding speed and precision while retaining a sense of melody, reason and phrasing intelligence that he is known for. Each out of the ten songs featured on the album explores a different aspect of metal music taking the listener on a quest toward the essential passion that lies within all true artistic effort - the perfection of creative expression. Borislav draws inspiration from many players that walked the path of guitar greatness before him and summons these echoes of the past forging them into a stunning new styling all of his own. The Absolute is an album whose mission is to shine brightly as a new rising star in a constellation of legendary classic albums of the metal virtuoso genre.


Track listing: 10 tracks
Track Song Time
1 The Absolute 6:17
2 Secret Of Life 6:22
3 Hidden 4:40
4 Within All Existence 4:40
5 Promises 6:31
6 The Prize Of Eternity 4:40
7 For The Chosen 4:46
8 Fighter Of Glory 4:37
9 Walking The Path 5:42
10 To One Truth 5:59
Borislav Mitic "The Absolute"