Attack Of The Neon Shark


Alex Masi

Year released



Alex Masi's first solo album, Attack Of The Neon Shark is an exciting, groundbreaking affair that was nominated for a Grammy in 1989. The features the slashing, sometimes harmonically dissonant (in the Friedman/Becker/Cacophony sense, such as "DFWM" and the title track), instrumental metal/hard rock patented by Masi (although vocalist Jeff Scott Soto does appear on "Under Fire"). Other featured musicians include drummer Frankie Banali, Allan Holdsworth (on synthaxe) and Kuni (who plays the first guitar solo on "Under Fire"). The album even has it's fusiony moments such as on "Cold Sun" and "L.A. Lattaia". Attack Of The Neon Shark is musically much more daring than your typical instrumental guitar release - it also includes a Masi-fied cover of "Toccata" (Emerson, Lake and Palmer).


Track listing: 10 tracks
Track Song Time
1 Under Fire 4:12
2 Attack Of The Neon Shark 3:27
3 Average Green Band 4:02
4 DFWM 1:41
5 Twilight Passion 3:52
6 Cold Sun 4:07
7 Toccata 5:52
8 Wasted In The West (Idiots) 3:11
9 La Lattaia 3:58
10 Alleys Of Albion 3:46
Alex Masi "Attack Of The Neon Shark"