Vertical Invader


Alex Masi

Year released



Vertical Invader is Italian shredder Alex Masi's brilliant 1990 instrumental CD, which was not out long enough for the thousands of guitar fans who wanted a copy - thankfully, here is the Lion Music re-release in all its original fretburning glory. John Macaluso drums up a furious storm to support the wicked shred and heavy rhythms delivered by Masi, who also plays bass and keyboards on the album. Vertical Invader highlights include the hard rockin' "Rock Of Changes", the blistering opening track, "Instant Army', and the otherworldly, intense "Silver Memories". Strong and creative from top to bottom, this is one of the most hightly anticipated re-releases in recent memory.


Track listing: 10 tracks
Track Song Time
1 Instant Army 3:11
2 Rock Of Changes 3:53
3 Rythm Workers 3:35
4 Finn (She's So Pink) 4:37
5 Silver Memories 4:17
6 Quick Escape 3:07
7 Dance Of Floda 2:51
8 A Tribute To T.B. 4:57
9 Trapped In A Warm Feeling 3:35
10 Xperimetal 4:59
Alex Masi "Vertical Invader