Jerry Orbach


Crimes And Misdemeanors

American auteur Woody Allen explores themes of good and evil in this masterful modern-day morality play. When opthamologist Judah Rosenthal (Oscar-nominated Martin Landau) is threatened with ruin by his mistress if he doesn't marry her, he considers the ultimate solution to his problem: murder. Meanwhile, documentary filmmaker Clifford Stern is faced with an equally heinous moral dilemma: selling out. Allen compares the choices both men make, using a double storyline to brilliantly pair sharp comedy with harrowing drama.

Dirty Dancing

As with Grease (1978) and Footloose (1984) before it, Dirty Dancing was a cultural phenomenon that now plays more like camp. That very campiness, though, is part of its biggest charm. And if the dancing in the movie doesn't seem particularly "dirty" by today's standards - or 1987's - it does take place in an era (the early '60s) when it would have. Frances "Baby" Houseman (Jennifer Grey, daughter of ageless hoofer Joel Grey) has been vacationing in the Catskills with her family for many years. Uneventfully.

Brewster's Millions

Could you spend $30 million dollars in 30 days and have nothing to show for it? Montgomery Brewster (Richard Prior) is a down-and-out baseball player who discovers that he's the only living relative of an eccentric multi-millionaire. Monty stands to inherit $300 million, but only if he can spend $30 million in a single month without acquiring any assets. If he fails, it's back to zero again. But he can't tell his best friend, catcher Spike Nolan (John Candy), or the accountant keeping track of his expense, Angela Drake (Lonette McKee), the truth… and everything he tries seems to backfire!

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