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Hawn, Goldie
Goldie Hawn

The Duchess And The Dirtwater Fox

Goldie Hawn and George Segal star in this rough and tumble comedy that bounces from San Francisco's Barbary Coast to the wilderness of Utah. The Dirtwater Fox (Segal) is a slick gambler who wants to hold on to the $40,000 he's stolen from a gang of outlaws. The Duchess (Hawn) is a scheming saloon singer who wants to become a "real lady." But once they team up, they begin to realize that what they really want is each other. Mixing clever dialogue with plenty of action, this sassy spoof of the Old West is made all the more fun by it's two very talented stars.


For those who consider Bulworth to be a savage and unprecedented political send-up, it's worth revisiting Warren Beatty's first, and best, attempt at outrageous social criticism. Mercilessly exposing the essential vacuity of both the sexual revolution and conservative alarmism over cultural permissiveness, Shampoo remains the best movie ever made about Nixon's America, and one of the very best about the tragic and disappointing conclusion to the 1960s.

Seems Like Old Times

An original Neil Simon screenplay makes Seems Like Old Times rise above what would otherwise be a forgettable comedy love triangle. Goldie Hawn (Private Benjamin) plays a good-hearted defense lawyer married to Ira, a politically ambitious district attorney played by Charles Grodin (Midnight Run). The craziness of their everyday lives becomes even more ridiculous when ex-husband Chevy Chase is framed for a bank robbery and seeks refuge with the woman he could never get over. Hawn hides the love of her life under her husband's nose as Chase tries to clear his name.

Private Benjamin

Private Benjamin's immovable object is pampered Judy Benjamin, a wedding night widow. The irresistible force is a three-year, expense-paid hitch in the U.S. Army. What's Judy doing in combat boots and fatigues? A recruiter seductively describes today's "new Army" and gullible Judy takes the bait. Goldie Hawn is a private first class in her Oscar-nominated role of Judy, a fish-out-of-water coming of age via the rigors of basic training and a European assignment.


Steve Martin and Goldie Hawn star in this hilarious romantic comedy about the consequences of "stretching" the truth. When architect Newton Davis' girlfriend Becky (Dana Delany) turns down his marriage proposal, his newly-built dream house suddenly becomes nothing more than an empty monument to her rejection. That is, until a chance encounter with Gwen (Hawn) turns his life upside-down. Intrigued by Newton's story, Gwen visits the house and decides to move in on her own.

Foul Play

Not short on murder, mayhem, or any other screwball '70s conventions, Foul Play is a wonderful vehicle for Goldie Hawn. She plays Gloria, a librarian "ready to take a chance again," who ends up the target of an assassination ring. Chevy Chase, fresh off of Saturday Night Live, does the closest thing to real acting he would ever achieve (okay, maybe Fletch) as Tony, the cop assigned to protect Gloria. Dudley Moore made an indelible impression on American audiences as Stanley Tibbets, a surprisingly kinky symphony conductor.

The First Wives Club

Goldie Hawn, Bette Midler, and Diane Keaton prove that revenge is a dish best served cold. Former college buddies, they reunite at the funeral of a dear friend who took a swan dive onto Fifth Avenue. All three discover they share the same unhappy history of husbands who dove into middle-age by dumping them for trophy wives. Forming a warring triumvirate, they decide to get even, and along the way remind themselves of long-forgotten capabilities. The action gets a little too "wacky" at times, but the gals are great.

Everyone Says I Love You

Writer-director Woody Allen has produced yet another challenging and funny film, this time taking on the musical genre and bending it to his own unique vision. The result is one of the most charming films in recent years, as Allen assembles a typically sterling ensemble cast to evoke the romanticism of years past. This time, the large cast (including Alan Alda, Drew Barrymore, Goldie Hawn, Edward Norton, and Tim Roth) not only turn in funny and touching performances, but they sing the classic songs of the 1930s and 1940s themselves, and sing them very well.

The Banger Sisters

Goldie Hawn and Susan Sarandon are The Banger Sisters, two former groupies who got it on with every late '60s music legend with a guitar and a Y-chromosome. Now, more than two decades later, Suzette (Hawn) is still her brassy self, and Lavinia (Sarandon) is a prim, proper suburban wife and mother. When their two worlds collide, the ensuing "big bang" will rock the house down with laughter!

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