Bo Derek



Bolero, directed by Bo Derek's husband John, comes billed as "a masterpiece of erotic adventure". Upon graduating from school in Britain, the wealthy Ayre "Mac" McGillvary (Bo Derek) hungers for more education in the art of love! Journeying to Morocco, she meets a handsome sheik, but alas, he falls asleep while seducing her. A hot-blooded matador in Spain does not disappoint, however. Unlocking her deepest desires, her world-class lover gives her a lesson in ecstasy she'll never forget.

Tarzan, The Ape Man

Of all the actresses playing opposite the screen's many Tarzans, perhaps the most famously erotic was Bo Derek. The star who was a 10 with Dudley Moore rates several tree notches higher in the reckoning of the Ape Man. He defends her against a beachcombing King of the Beasts, untangles her from a python's squeeze and takes on kidnapping primitives who have covered her with white body paint. The Englishwoman who comes to West Africa to find her father (Richard Harris) obviously finds more and l'amour.


One of the best comedies of the 1970s, Blake Edwards's ode to midlife crisis and the hazards of infidelity now plays like a valentine to that self-indulgent decade, and it's still as funny as it ever was. In the signature role of his career (along with "Arthur"), Dudley Moore plays a songwriter with a severe case of marital restlessness, and all it takes is a chance encounter with Bo Derek (in her screen debut) to jump-start his libido.

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