Quatermass 2

Production year: 1967

Horror R   Running time: 1:25

IMDB rating:   7.4     Aspect: 4:3;  Languages: English;  Subtitles: None;  Audio: Mono

During a routine drive to his observatory, Professor Quatermass (Brian Donlevey) stumbles upon a mysterious government facility surrounded by guards and mines. Curious of this unusual site, Quatermass begins to investigate and discoversia remarkably large number of meteors in the area. As his investigation comes to a turning point, Quatermass comes to a horrific conclusion: alien invaders. The ensuing danger could mean the end of human civilization! In an attemptito save the country and ultimately the world from the intruders, Quatermass must face the terrible dangers ahead and the disasters that follow them.



Audio commentary
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Special features

Audio Commentary with Director Val Guest and Writer Nigel Kneale
U.S. Enemy From Space Theatrical Trailer
Exclusive "World of Hammer" Episode Entitled Sci-Fi
Quatermass 2