Mulan: Legendary Warrior

Production year: 2009

Action PG-13   Running time: 1:54

IMDB rating:   6.8     Aspect: Wide;  Languages: Mandarin;  Subtitles: English;  Audio: DD 5.1

Epic, compelling and filled with astonishing action-sequences, Mulan is the brand-new adaptation of the inspirational Chinese legend made internationally famous by the classic Disney animation. When the emperor issues a decree that all families in the Northern Province must defend their homeland against the barbarian hordes, Mulan, a young girl from a military family without a male heir, disguises herself as a male soldier rather than expose her aging father to the horrors of the battlefield. As the invading armies close in, her remarkable courage and insight elevate her to the position of a true leader, who will sacrifice everything to defend her nation and bring honor to her family. International star Vicki Zhao (Red Cliff, 14 Blades and Shaolin Soccer) and Jaycee Chan, son of martial arts legend Jackie Chan, star in this extravagant action-packed spectacle that will thrill you from start to finish.


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Mulan: Legendary Warrior