Production year: 2010

Bollywood PG   Running time: 2:25

IMDB rating:   5.4     Aspect: Wide;  Languages: Hindi;  Subtitles: English;  Audio: DD 5.1

Housefull starts off with Akshay Kumar being unemployed except for any casino hiring him as a hex of good luck to the gamblers. All in the first 20 min or so you see him have hit after hit of bad luck. He is so depressed after losing his latest girlfriend (they all meet with very bad luck when he starts to date them ) he decides to go back to London and see his old friend who has always been their for him no matter how bad things are. Unknown to our poor hero his friend has married a girl against her families wishes and they have been cut off by her father(( she constantly leaves messages on the voicemail to her daddy but he coldly ignores her breaking her heart)) Enter Akshay to his friends life and home . With his old key he let's himself in and is sleeping upstairs when the new couple come home to smooch it up for their anniversary, very funny moments while Akshay's bad luck pops up . The next morning while he tries to make it up to them by cleaning the house, he visits destruction upon them again. Watch for the two pradas and some "shocking moments."



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Documentary "The Making Of Housefull"