The Good Girl

Production year: 2002

Drama R   Running time: 1:34 

IMDB rating:   6.5     Aspect: 4:3, Wide;  Languages: English, Spanish, German;  Subtitles: English, Spanish. German;  Audio: DD 5.1

Jennifer Aniston gives a career-changing performance in The Good Girl, a movie that questions whether goodness is a virtue or a trap. Justine (Aniston), weary of her dead-end retail job and her childless marriage to Phil (John C. Reilly), diverts herself with a new coworker named Holden (Jake Gyllenhaal), who feels as ill-treated by his life as Justine does with hers. The empathy between them leads, all too quickly, to an affair--which just as quickly turns into an obsession that threatens to destroy Justine's marriage. But this is only the beginning; Phil's buddy Bubba (Tim Blake Nelson), the store security guard (Mike White), and a handful of other characters all have a part to play in the unraveling of Justine's life. The script and performances of The Good Girl are subtle but vivid, and the movie's emotional impact will linger long after the movie is over.



Audio commentary
Deleted/extended scenes
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Special features

Scene-Specific Commentary By Jennifer Aniston
Full-Length Audio Commentary By Miguel Artera/Mike White
9 Deleted Scenes With Optional Commentary
Alternate Ending Montage
The Good Girl