Pulse: A Stomp Odyssey

Production year: 2003

Music Concerts/Videos    Running time: 1:20

IMDB rating:   6.8     Aspect: 4:3;  Languages: English;  Subtitles: None;  Audio: DD 5.1

Pulse: A Stomp Odyssey is a celebration of the global beat, an exploration of the sights and sounds of continents and cultures, guided by the internationally acclaimed performers of the sensational stage show Stomp. The globe-trotting IMAX journey is billed as "a tribute to a world of rhythm that has inspired us". Pulse showcases the cast of Stomp as well as 10 extremely diverse musical groups from around the world. Though devoid of spoken words, Pulse: A Stomp Odyssey speaks volumes. The creators of the Broadway smash hit Stomp now offer beat buffs a spectacular film exploration of global cadence, billed as "a tribute to world of rhythm that has inspired us."

Special features

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Pulse: A Stomp Odyssey