Hockey: A People's History

Production year: 2006

Sports    Running time: 9:10

IMDB rating:   8.5     Aspect: Wide;  Languages: English, French;  Subtitles: None;  Audio: DD Stereo

At a Montreal skating rink in 1875, the puck is dropped on a new sort of game. It's fast and punishing, and on this night hockey is transformed from genteel sport to seething spectacle. Hockey: A People's History is CBC's epic series chronicling the story of a game and the soul of a nation. Born as a game of survival against the snow and ice of a Canadian winter, hockey gave a new country it' first heroes and champions. The story of hockey is the struggle of class and gender, as working class men and women fight for their place in a rich man's game. It's the dreams of towns and their teams, where rogues and roughnecks do battle with hockey barons and bluebloods. Hockey is where Canada's cultures collide and rivalries divide. It's also a game that unites us like nothing else can. In a tale that spans two centuries, this bold new series Hockey: A People's History documents the power and passion of a game and the country that gave it life. The DVD is a 6-pak containing all 10 episodes of the series in English and in French.


Audio commentary

Special features

Behind-the-Scenes Features
Historical Hockey Featurettes
Extended Interviews with Hockey Greats Gretzky, Dryden, Bowman, Cherry, Wickenheiser, and Tom Cochrane
Directors' Commentaries
Hockey: A People's History