Pride And Prejudice

Jane Austen

Book Summary

Love is in the air when five sisters discover that a wealthy and eligible bachelor is suddenly within reach. But it is his friend, the haughty Mr. Darcy, who becomes smitten. Unfortunately for him, the object of his affection is not so easily swayed. One of the most popular characters in English literature, Elizabeth Bennet is intelligent, witty, well-spoken and ahead of her time. If the terrible rumors about Mr. Darcy are true, he doesn’t stand a chance. Yet not all gossip is to be believed when marriage, money, and reputations are on the line. Will Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy circumvent her haste, his ego, and society’s expectations to find love? Written more than two centuries ago, Jane Austen’s enduring story of manners, family, and love continues to delight new generations of readers.

Dan McAvinchey commentary

I've seen several film adaptations (Kiera Knightly version, Colin Firth version), even a Bollywood version called "Bride and Prejudice" (even though it's in English, you can watch it as a way to dip your toes into the Indian cinema waters), but I never read the novel before. I'm getting a lot of additional information about the characters and their motivations that I didn't necessarily catch while watching and eating popcorn. Once you get used to the style that Austen wrote in (it was written 1813, just after "Sense and Sensibility"), you can appreciate a lot of the subtle (and not-so-subtle) humor she injects into her work. Couldn't find a copy on the shelf at Northeast Regional Library, so I got a copy from UNC Davis.

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Pride And Prejudice