Michael Angelo Batio "Performance"

Production year: 2006

Music Concerts/Videos    Running time: 0:42

IMDB rating:   7.0     Aspect: Wide;  Languages: English;  Subtitles: None;  Audio: DD Stereo

The Michael Angelo Batio Performance DVD is an in depth look at MAB the man, the artist, the entertainer, performing live at "Monster Mix" studio. Included are his versions of "Burn", "Tribute To Randy", "Hands Without Shadows", "China", "The Finish Line" plus a beautiful unaccompanied acoustic guitar piece titled "A New Day". This program not only showcases his incredible, seemingly limitless technique but also captures the passion, soul and melody that he puts into each piece of music. In addition to all of this, Michael finishes with his "Double-Guitar" solo showing why he is truly one of the greatest electric guitarists that has ever lived. Before each performance MAB comments, as only he can, about his inspirations, thoughts and ideas behind each song gaining further insight into the thought process of this unique, uncompromising, inventive and innovative artist. Last but not least, Michael showcases his famous signature "MAB Over-Under" technique that has now become synonymous with his live shows.


Batio, Michael Angelo "Performance"