Electric Detective


Rick Brannon

Year released



Rick Brannon's debut solo CD, Electric Detective, features nine cuts of instrumental hard rock with the emphasis on musicianship. Loaded with talent, the guitarist's shredding style dominates the arrangements, which also feature power guitars, jungle rhythms and even bluesy sounds. Tunes such as "Blast Factory", "Bad Bidness", "Up To The Skies" and "Blues Fuse" literally leap off the speakers with rock energy, making Electric Detective a definitive opening statement for this modern axe-man.


Track listing: 9 tracks
Track Songsort descending Time
3 Ampere's Dance 4:55
2 Bad Bidness 3:58
1 Blast Factor 4:34
8 Blues Fuse 2:10
6 Doctor Infra Red 5:01
4 Dreamland 4:38
7 Science Of Sound 3:22
9 Secret City 5:34
5 Up To The Skies 4:10
Rick Brannon "Electric Detective"